3 Things NOT to do in Bali


Yes… you read that right!  Bali has about a million ah-mazing things that you absolutely should check out.  In fact you could head on over to Pinterest right now… search Bali and be flooded with the most gorgeous pictures you could imagine.  However… I am warning you there are 3 Things You should NOT to do in Bali.

1.)  Do NOT take bananas into Monkey Forest

Sounds super tempting I know right?  What is cuter than a whole forest full of sweet fluffy monkeys??  Nothing you are thinking.  Well sorry to burst your bubble but think of this forest as a death trap instead.  It is an entire forest full of mischievous monkeys who mean business.  These monkeys have fangs, are willing to fight for their bananas, definitely are NOT afraid of humans… AND they call their homies for back up when you run out of bananas.  Nothing scarier than hearing crazy fanged monkeys swinging from the trees above coming for you and your bananas- AHHHHHH!!!!

2.)  Do NOT be fooled into thinking there is a leisurely bike trail in Bali

We were excited that our hotel (the amazing Alila Ubud) had complimentary bikes so thinking we were fit adventurous people (we really are not) we checked out a couple bikes.  We asked the concierge at the hotel about routes and they confirmed there was a nice easy route for us.  Off we went.  Oh, boy did we learn.  There were so many hills and they were SO STEEP we literally had to walk our bikes up.  We were struggling so bad that several wonderful Balinese people stopped on their motorbikes to make sure we were okay. #embarrassing  I mean we must have looked TERRIBLE!!  Eventually we made it through the hills only to have a sudden downpour come and completely drench us.  So, in Bali just remember that bike rides = big hills + tons of traffic + pouring rain.  We definitely got a little more adventure then we bargained for 😉

3.)  Do NOT go river rafting if you are scared of heights

So, I may or may not be a bit of a wimp (meaning I am the wimpiest person you know).  The first river rafting trip we took in Bali was a class 3 and it was pretty easy.  So, when my hubby found a second course that was also class 3 with just a few spots classified as 4’s I thought “no Big… let’s do this.”  Holy smokes the difference in classes… I was ducking under rocks and cliffs that were nearly scrapping my nose and then we plunged down this insanely steep hill.  My heart skipped a few beats for sure.  So… if you go river rafting (which you should bc its fun) just know you’ve been warned!!


*In all seriousness Bali was probably one of my favorite trips!!

some may say it was bc it was sans munchkins




DSCN0120 DSCN0097

We have been very adventurous with and without the kids when it comes to vacation choices lately.  Bali… Costa Rica.  Ziplining, River Rafting… it’s one thing when I do it because I fear for my own life and assume I will die BUT even worse watching my kids upside down on ziplines and being fearless in kayaks -AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  I think I woke up every day in Costa Rica thinking we were going to die, took a breathe of relief each night just bc we made it through only to wake up and repeat the cycle the next day.  EXHAUSTING!

DSCN9551 DSC_4992

So… to get to my point.  Last night hubby and I were talking and he agreed to take me to EUROPE (I’ve never been) AND we are taking two of our munchkins with us (listen carefully you might hear me doing my happy dance- cabbage patch and running man included!).  And, we are thinking of leaving next month.  I am SO excited!!!!!

Why only take some munchkins?  Well I have a theory on this.  We have a very large family- 5 kids!!  And, while in theory it sounds great to always be in perfect harmony it is not very realistic.  So, I think it is very healthy to split the group up occasionally and give two kids our undivided attention, allow them to bond as siblings even more and maybe most importantly it gives me and the hubby a much needed break.  Two kids feels like nothing when you don’t have the baby and you are used to FIVE… catch my drift?  Plus, I have the world’s most amazing and compassionate mother who will come and watch and love on my other 3 munchkins while I am away.  Nothing better than some extra loving from Nana.  No munchkins will complain about that.  She spoils them silly 😉

So, miss Belle and Captain Funny are coming.  They don’t know it yet and I cannot wait to tell them.  Let the vacation planning begin!

IMG_3639 IMG_4503